The Outcast Hours Edited by Mahvesh Murad & Jared Shurin

It’s day one on the blog tour for this beaut today and I would like to thank Rebellion publishing for sending me out my copy. I can’t remember the last time I had picked up a book full of short stories so this was a lovely treat.

The Outcast Hours contains a whole range of short stories that cover a whole range of topics, cultures, supernatural, LGBT and religion. Some of the stories are longer than others and I found myself really getting into them. Now normally once I start to read a boom I want to devour it as quickly as I can but I found myself really taking my time and tried to savour each individual story. The end result of that was I ended up with a book full of highlighted sticky notes sticking out it. A few of the stories really made me sit up in a way and look and the deeper meaning behind it.

Now if I was to go into each story individually then we could be here a long time and I don’t want to completely spoil the whole book for you guys, so I’ll just take a look at a few of them.

The first short story I want to look at is : This Book Will Find You by Sam Beckbessinger, Lauren Beukes and Dale Halvorsen. It’s the first short story you will come across and it’s a rather strange one but in a good way. It looks at a persons grief and to what lengths would you do to bring back a loved one?

Blind Eye : Frances Hardinge, now this was a really intriguing read and really left me wanting more, to be honest I actually read it to see if I had missed any clues.

Swipe Left : Daniel Polansky: A Dating story that’s not really for the faint hearted. A great moral in the story however about always letting someone know where you are going, especially on a first date with someone you don’t know.

Tilt : Karen Onojaife ,I think this might have been one of my favourites again in that strange sort of way. Karen in one short story managed to cover a whole range of topics such as addiction, grief and touch on LGBT. It was different and full of passion.

Gatsby: Maha Khan Phillips, now this story left me a bit stunned at the end I just didn’t see any of it coming from the way the story was laid out.

Okay now the very last one I’m going to mention before you guys really are here all day is MiDNight MaRAuDERS by M. Suddain. Now this was one of those weird kinda wacky stories that as I was reading I kept trying to decide what was actually happening, all I could come up with is that it’s a paranormal universe they live in, what life would be like on the other side?

Now if you do so happen to read a copy please let me know your thoughts I’d be really Interested to know.

My Thanks to Tracy at Compulsive Readers and Solaris books and again to Rebellion Publishing .

Please make sure you check out the other guys on the blog tour guys, I was the first and I hope I’ve made some sort of sense.

For me this book is a 4.5 star 🌟 really enjoyed it and a total different type of read for me but honestly I really couldn’t put it down.

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