Past Life Dominic Nolan

Waking up beside the dead girl, she couldn’t remember anything. Who she was.who had taken her.

Detective Abigail Boone has been missing for four days when she is finally found, confused and broken. Suffering retrograde amnesia, she is a stranger to a despairing husband and Bewildered son. Lost in her own life, with no leads on her abduction, Boone’s only instinct is to revisit the case she was investigating when she vanished: the baffling disappearance of Sarah Still. Defying her family and the police , Boone follows a deadly trail to the darkest edges of human cruelty. But even if she finds Sarah, will Boone ever be the same again?

Where do I even begin to find the words to do this book any justice at all. Dominic has totally blown me away with his debut Novel and I love Boone.

We follow Boone as she kind of stumbled through this life she has found herself in. Abigail Boone is no more and now she just wants to be known as Boone as she can’t remember a thing about what life was like as Abigail. Boone can’t even remember that she has a husband Jack or a son Quin and all three have to adjust to a life that Boone is a stranger in. She is no longer the Abigail her husband knew or the mother she once was to her son. Boone even has her own room in the house they all live in and struggles to fit into the family set up. Boone is determined to get to the bottom of that happened to her and who was behind the disappearance of Sarah Still but very few people are on her side. From her life as Abigail Boone has managed to keep hold of two friends Ds Bowen or Barb as Boone calls her and Tess.

Tess and Boone have a one of a kind friendship that also is a bit of strange set up as in her past life Boone locked up Tess’s dad Mick Box. Boone kinda just fits right in the strange dynamic set up with Tess, Mick and not forgetting Mick’s right hand man Fritz. It works beautifully though and I loved reading and getting a total understanding of their set up, it’s like a little family.

Past Life is witty, beautifully written, thrilling and heartbreaking. It’s a massive rollercoaster of a ride. The tension that builds had me on the edge of my seat numerous times and I really struggled to put it down. A lot of frantic reading happened as I just got so lost in it that I couldn’t put it down and the couple of times I had no choice to put it down I raced back to it. I really wanted to devour it from cover to cover. If your looking for something to really make you sit up and grab your attention Past life will do that. I can really see this in my top ten reads of 2019 and it’s only February.

Dominic Nolan is an Author your going to want to keep an eye out for and I can’t wait to see what he brings out next.

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Dominic at the Headline New Voices 2019 event In Edinburgh recently and must thank them for this copy of Past Life and also a huge thank you to Dominic for taking the time to chat to me and sign my copy.

Past life will hit the shelf’s on the 7th March 2019 keep an eye out.

5***** without a doubt

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