The Grey Ones : Yvonne J Smit



The Grey ones is a book I was approached by Yvonne to read, and I decided I had to give it a go as its the total opposite to what I would normally pick up and read on my own. Yvonne takes us on a journey with her own memoirs and conversations with her 15 year old daughter. Yvonne goes from the present day to life as a child in an easy to follow manner and I found myself as curious as her daughter Mae, even at some points asking myself very similar questions. The paranormal world is something that I have always found interesting and Yvonne helped to clarify a few points in this book.

Yvonne has what some would call the gift, and her talk of premonition’s really had me intrigued. Also after what I read I would love for Yvonne to do a tarot reading for me. Anyway getting a bit off subject.

Yvonne talks in quite great detail about the different stages of afterlife and the various stages that can happen. The conversations that happen between Yvonne and Mae really help to get the information over to the reader in a way that we can understand. I found myself addicted and couldn’t actually put the book down.

A wee quick look at the blurb before I go on anymore:
The Grey Ones: Book 1 of the Path of the Maiden Series

by Yvonne J. Smit

 “Mum?” Can you truly see if I am lying?” Fifteen-year-old Mae the eldest daughter of Yvonne has come across her mum’s memoirs. They reveal a hidden past. A life steeped in the Occult and all its aspects… Mae wants her mother to teach her to read the Tarot cards and Palmistry. Reluctant, her mother agrees as long as Mae promises to study the basics first and not to talk about it to anyone. Yvonne grew up seeing the ‘grey people’, they were as blurred as the people she saw in full colour. It wasn’t until she got a pair of glasses that she knew for sure… the ‘Grey Ones’ were the shades of the dead. They didn’t scare her, but… these sad souls attracted something else. The other beings of twilight, darker than the night and dreadfully powerful…It became clear to young Yvonne that not everybody can see the dead or hear their voices. Diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, her Grandad had been committed to an asylum. He heard voices too. Not wanting to follow the same fate, Yvonne learned not to talk about her unwanted gift. The Grey Ones is the first book of The Path of the Maiden series. It tells the true story of a young girl’s quest for becoming ‘normal’. A path of trial and error and many lies. Through the light-hearted interaction between Yvonne and her family, the Occult mysteries and paranormal phenomena are explained in a basic easy to grasp manner. Learn alongside curious Mae about the Afterlife, the Auric bodies, and the different types of entities that visit us when we least expect it and much, much more..

My heart went out to Yvonne as a child to scared to speak out about The Grey ones she could see, scared that her family would think she also had schizophrenia, she kept the information to herself. It cant be an easy thing to understand but Yvonne looked everything up and really studied the various grey shadows she could see and what each stage meant. Yvonne still sees the grey ones and her family have witnessed a few of these moments themselves. I’ m looking forward to book two in the path of maiden series. It was a book I didn’t think I would ever read but in the New Year try new books this seemed like a good start and it didn’t disappoint. Yvonne has a way with words and knows how to grab your interest from the get go. I would happily look out for book two to see what actually happens next as The grey ones left me wanting more and asking more questions in my head.

If the paranormal and tarot cards interests you then give this book ago and you may surprise yourself with how much you get into it

You can find Yvonne J. Smit on her website:
Twitter: @yvonnejsmit

for me this book is 4 *


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