The Cleansing : J.A Baker

The cover for The Cleansing is just a little bit spooky and spine tingling … which is exactly what you get inside.

My many thanks to Bloodhound books for my copy of this Twisty, gripping, spine tingling book.

Okay before I tell you all what I think : I’ll let you have a little read of what its all about.

When Ray moves to a new house in the village of Whitchurch, he leaves behind a relationship and a luxury apartment in search of a better life in the countryside.

However he soon realises that sleepy Whitchurch also has its own fair share of problems. Last year, a woman’s body was discovered in the woods nearby. The killer was never caught.

Soon suspicious things start to happen. Threatening letters are sent, cars are vandalised and headstones are desecrated. But who is responsible for these acts and why?

As the tension in the village builds, Ray begins to feel the pressure. Someone is out to cause trouble and that someone might be closer to Ray than he ever imagined.

Now that has surely got your attention.

Ray really wants to make changes, a fresh start and a more peaceful one but someone else has other ideas for him and a peaceful life is just not on the cards just now. Whitchurch seems like the ideal villages you see on tv, where everybody knows everybody and the heart of the village is the pub. You get a sense of a real close knit community and if something was to happen everybody would know about it. In a way it reminded me of the little village we stayed in when I was just a kid, except it didn’t have weird creepy going on’s and no body’s body was found murdered in the forest. Anyway we all know what my brain is like with books like these, I’m always sure I’ll know what’s going to happen and I try to put the snippets of information we are feed like a jigsaw puzzle. Wrong each time J.A Baker has the skill to write a nail biting thriller with a very clever plot Line. Who is me??

As Ray tries to settle into village life and be accepted among the close knit community strange things begin to happen rocking the quiet village life. Threatening letters are sent, a fire, a beating , cars are smeared in dogs faeces. It’s gets rather dark and I really need to know who was behind it all.

The cleansing is intriguing, it’s sinister and dark, at times dangerous and well it has more twists than I don’t know what but that’s the charm it keeps you interested and it keeps you reading even if it is into the small hours of the morning. A bit like Pringles once you pop you can’t stop …. well once you start The cleansing you won’t want to stop. In short I loved this book.

My thanks again to @bloodhound books and if you want to check out J.A Baker for yourself you can find her over on twitter @thewriterjude


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