Downfall : Will Jordan

Downfall coverDownfall is book 8 in the Ryan Drake series, now if you are sitting there going aww book 8 I will need to give this one a miss before I even see what its about then don’t panic , now if you read my other posts you will see a pattern emerge …… I haven’t read them either. Downfall can be read as a standalone if you really wanted too and you would still get to grips with it. Now before I get carried away and start telling you all about what I think, we should really take a look at what the book is actually about.

My name is Ryan Drake and this is just the beginning. Ryan Drake and his team are in hiding, having become sworn enemies of states and agencies around the world. But when a CIA operative and former adversary is killed in a car bomb attack, Drake is shocked to hear someone claiming responsibility using his name, Forced out of hiding by this mysterious new threat, Drake embarks alone on a dangerous and deadly search for answers, a journey that will take him from the slumps of Rio to the deserts of Tunisia and the mountains of Afghanistan. But as the stranger’s insidious influence grows stronger, he begins to realise he key to unravelling the present lies in his own shadowy past. 

Following his trail of destruction, the team must fight to save Drake not only from a list of ruthless enemies, but even more urgently, from himself. 

An edge-of-your-seat action thriller  from best selling author Will Jordan, perfect for fans of James Phelan and Vince Flynn. 

Now when the email turned up about this book, I was like ooohhh this looks really good, yip I need to read this.  Then the panic hit …..omg what have you done its book 8 in a series how on earth will you manage to read the other eight before you sit down to Downfall…… like I have said do not go into panic mood. Jordan has a talent for letting you get to grips with the team dynamics throughout the story and you get little snippets of information that feeds into what the team got up to before, especially Drake and the one woman I would not like to get on the wrong side of Anya. Anya is a woman of many talents and my goodness can she hold her own, she is strong and empowering and made me want to eat a little less cake and perhaps hit the gym a little more.

Drake has demons and not just little demons but huge and he faces a struggle to keep the man he is now at the fore front instead of the man he used to be. Anya is the only one who can see Drake for the guy he wants to be now. Its a real struggle and a battle of power but who can come out on top.

If you are planning on sleeping anytime soon and you have decided to buy this book then be prepared for some sleepless nights as you wont want to put it down.  It has become clear why Jordan is a best selling author.  Downfall is action-packed, full of conspiracies, well plotted and edge of your seat thrilling.

I must admit I can be a bit of a sucker for a strong, powerful woman especially in books like these as sometimes as she gets to play is the damsel in distress. This is certainly not the case we are given two. However for me one of them was the sassy high heeled perfectly groomed and evil female power house, while the other is one kick ass female who you would love to have in your corner especially if you somehow managed to find yourself in any of the situations that Drake and the team fins themselves in. For me that was Anya, after past events she doesn’t feel like she can lead the team without Drake at the helm but she totally underestimates herself In my opinion. Anyway moving on before I become slightly Anya obsessed.

Drake is battling the demons in his mind let alone the demons he faces with each battle he fights in order to get answers he needs and not only that but felt he deserved. The one thing I will say is I felt like I had missed out on Drake as a character by not reading the other books first and even though this is totally a story in its own right, I do wish I had meet the team and went on the journey from the very start as I slowly grew to admire them all as the book progressed. A Compelling, thrilling and captive read that you wont want to miss out on.

Many thanks to Emma over at Damppebbles blog tours and for my copy of Downfall.

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