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Lost in the land of books

Happy Friday : #ThePositivitywave


Well Hello there you lovely lot. Now something a bit different from me today and hopefully each Friday from now on. I have decided to join on with #ThePositivityWave that the lovely Meggy over at chocolatenwaffles.com started and it was like a breath of fresh air that even if you have a bad week, we all have them you can still find something positive amongst all the negative. More recently we have also had some lovely positive vibes from Kelly and you can check out her positive week over at frombelgiumwithbooklove.com so thank you both

Now I wasn’t going to jump on the whole Positivity wave this week because I’ve just been a moody hormonal nightmare but when Danielle tells you that you are a boss lady and a queen, well it just perks you right up and I thought why not. Right my positive things this week, well the mentioned above being called a queen and a boss lady has gave me a massive boost and perhaps a big head because now I want to wear a crown all the time. I mean I do have a crown key ring from one of my fairyloot boxes, I would just need to find a way to wear it in my hair.

We spent a lovely afternoon at the beach, and it was just bliss. We had a bbq, buried each other in the sand and ran about in the waves laughing and having some much needed time of social media creating new memories. Also seeing as this is Lost in the land of books it would be rude not to tell you this : The Island you can see in the photo is called Fidra and it is believed to be the inspiration behind Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island.

we spent some time feeding the ducks, which is always lovely and it’s so peaceful. Well until you run out of food and they start chasing you, I have adopted the run for your life motto when that happens.

We enjoyed a picnic up Calton Hill with some of the most amazing views of Edinburgh and I just love it. We actually got that caught up in the lovely weather and soaking up the views we lost 6 hours up here. Whoops, it was just some lovely time out I got some reading done and Jack spent time pinpointing landmarks and running around.

And lastly I hit a point where I was debating whether to continue blogging and things or giving it all up but one my mamma didn’t raise no quitter and well all the lovely people in the book community rallied round and made me realise I was just having a moment of madness. I put up a tweet after a wee brainwave of an idea and I was overwhelmed by the response. So many bloggers signed up to my new blog feature Blogger in the Spotlight which kicks off on Saturday, and will run right up until November. Eeek so excited to get it started and you can check out the first one tomorrow.

Thank you for checking out the first of my ThePositivityWave posts and I will be back next Friday with some more positive vibes Have a great week and don’t forgot to let me know what Positive things happened to you this week