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Welcome back to Blogger in the Spotlight, now I would like to apologise quickly that we had no blogger in the spotlight last week but I had a trip to take to bring you this weeks blogger. Don’t panic however no more trips for me and I will bring you two bloggers this weekend.

I am so happy to say I managed to blag my way to France and set up the spotlights and hot seat and have the lovely Meggy join me. You can check out Meggy’s blog over at

Time to grab your cuppa and get yourself comfortable, its time to ask Meggy those all important questions.

Firstly, what made you decide to start your blog?
I was in a bad place health-wise when I fell in love with reading again in December 2016. Looking for recommendations, I found myself perusing a few blogs. I did not know what book blogging was before, and I just adored the idea of making reading an experience you can share with others. I jumped on the opportunity to keep myself busy, find amazing stories, and practice my writing English by launching Chocolate’n’Waffles. I needed a place to call mine, and I wanted it to be all about what I’m passionate about.

I am sorry to hear you were in a bad place with your health but I am over the moon you fell in love with reading again, also chocolate ‘n’ Waffles is an amazing name. 

Now this is a tricky one but Whose blog or blogs do you love to read?

Too many to make a list! I know you must get this answer a lot, but it is true. Blogging is an amazing hobby because you have a unique voice, and you use it to shout your book love. That ‘uniqueness’ is what I look for.
Among the blogs I check the most regularly, you can find Cleo @, Kelly Lacy, Amanda @ , Nicki at , Yvo @, Shalini , Diana @, Inge, Lorraine, Kate, Mart @… I could go on and on.

It is a tricky list and nobody can pick just one. That is some list Meggy, I do read a few of these and love them, I will be looking into the others however. Kelly and Mart are just lovely and Mart’s blog is just wow. 

Sorry what was that, oh dear well that’s not a good look, okay while I mop up the coffee I have poured down myself ill give you question three 

 Since starting your blog, have you found yourself reading and enjoying genres you perhaps wouldn’t have picked up before?

Definitely! I am a hard-core crime fiction lover, I love a guilty husband and lots of blood. Blogging helped me branch out and discover different ways to get all the feelings. I’m no longer afraid to walk the paths of women fiction, Chick-Lit, Sci-Fi… I have grown as a reader and as a person thanks to all the lives I get to experience thanks to different genres. I don’t do horror or erotica, though!

Oh Meggy I totally get you, erotica still not a genre I can do. I must admit I do love my crime fiction and that was always go to but I have totally been mixing it up. I agree I think the more you read and the different genres you read you do grow as a person and can travel to so many different places lost in a book. 

sorry about the whole coffee incident oh and all the crumbs , I can be rather clumsy. Okay sorry moving on before anything else happens 

What do you love about the book blogging community ?

The book community is really supportive. There is always someone to discuss a book with, to share your enthusiasm for a story, or just to have a talk about something bookish. I have made great friendships that go beyond the realm of books. I am always thankful for the interaction with other bloggers. Sometimes, a comment can make your entire day.

Aww Meggy, this just sums it up beautifully. I don’t think any other place could compare to the book community and the friends you make along the way are just the kindest people you will ever meet. Well mine are anyway. 

Seeing as your on fire and coffee is getting cold not to mention the heat here today, you will be melting shortly under that spotlight. 

who do you feel was the first person that had faith in you to take part in blog tours was?

Bookouture. I remember it like it was yesterday. They were the first publisher to give this Frenchie a chance, first with their proofs, and not long after this, with blog tours. I’ll forever be grateful to have learned about blog tours with them.

Aww , well I for one am glad they gave you the opportunity, your blog is just beautiful and your reviews are amazing. Well Meggy you will be pleased to hear you can stop melting shortly as this is the last question I have for you. 

Lastly, if someone was debating about starting their own blog, what advice would you give them?

To never lose sight of the fact it is a hobby, no matter how much of a book lover someone is. The only rule is to be respectful. Forget the pressure, forget the competition, forget the free books. Forget the numbers. Blog because you want to. Blog for the love of books. Blog for yourself. Blogging is if you want it and when you want it.

That is very good advice, we can all get caught up in the numbers sometimes and the pressure gets to us all. Now as Queen Meggy says blog because you want to, blog for the love of books and it couldn’t be more true. Just be you. 

Well Meggy I have loved having you under the spotlight thank you so much for taking part and chatting with me. It is rather hot and I fear we are going to melt, so why don’t we go grab an ice cream? 

Blogger in the Spotlight will return tomorrow, you will have to wait and see who I have been chatting to this week and normal service will resume next Saturday.




2 thoughts on “Blogger in the Spotlight

  1. What a nice interview. ( minis the coffee spill). And some good advice from Meggy there about blogging for yourself. Thank you for the mention of my blog too. With so many amazing blogs to read, I am truly honoured to be on Meggys list.
    Amanda xx


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