Q and A with W.D Jackson-Smart

Hello you lovely lot and Happy Wednesday. What a week is has been, I did manage to sat down for a lovely chat and asked those all important Questions to Panther Publishing Author W.D Jackson -Smart.

Now no spotlights today, I don’t want to melt anyone else just yet, right time to get cracking.

1. When did you start writing and what was the inspiration behind it? 

I started writing when I was about 18. I was in a cinema and saw something happen on screen that I thought could have been done better, in my opinion anyway. I decided to try writing something similar myself and found I quite enjoyed doing it. At first it was just for fun, for my own curiosity, but a few years later, when Amazon first announced that you could self publish, I started writing with a bit more focus on releasing books to allow others to read them, rather than just for myself.
Wow, I have heard when inspiration strikes it strikes. Well I’m sure a few people myself included will be very glad you made that leap into writing.
2. You have an impressive list of books out, do you have any fears before a new one comes out ? 
I have all the fears! That I’ll get terrible reviews, that people simply won’t care, that I’ll get told I’m a terrible writer. Despite having released a few books now, that has never lessened either. I guess it’s inherit whenever you put something quite personal out into the real world, something that you’ve worked so hard on. These days people are so quick to tear things apart online as well, in some ways that fear has increased. 
The world online can be quite a nasty place to be but don’t worry us book loving community will have your back. It’s not the same in any way shape or form but I understand the fear, I get like that whenever I put anything up on the blog. I have been doing some research however and the reviews you get are amazing, 4-5 stars 🌟
3. What’s next for the D.I Graves thriller series? 
I’m already a good way through book 3, and while I don’t want to give much away I can share with you that this time around Graves is dealing with what seems to a murderer with an interest in rituals and witchcraft, which is proving quite fun to write.
Oh that does sound very intriguing, I will be sure to look out for it.
4. Where did your ideas for From Inside The House come from? 
Put simply I love the home invasion genre and so it’s my take on that. I think the idea of someone in your house when you’re asleep and vulnerable is genuinely terrifying when you properly stop to think about it, and so that’s what I tried to do with this book, to scare the reader with a credible crime narrative where this is the central element at play.
It is definitely terrifying, and after reading anything like that I must admit I’m on edge till I make sure everything is locked up, I have signed up for the blog tour and I already have that feeling I shall be in for a late night.
5. As someone who is attempting some of their own writing I am curious to know if you have any tips for aspiring writers? 
I always say the same thing. First of all, plan ahead with your story. I think it’s important to know where your story is going as I’ve found from experience that no planning means a story can take on a life of its own, which isn’t always a good thing. The second thing is to just go for it – give it a try! Write something you think you would like to read, don’t focus on writing for others too much and just get stuck in and see what happens. All writers learn as they go but you can’t if you don’t try.
Very Wise words there Will and ones I shall bear in mind.
6. Can you tell us something your readers won’t know about you ? 
I’m a massive gamer. I absolutely love playing computer games. I especially love single player narrative driven games. Days Gone for example is one of my favourite games in years. I’m also a HUGE Resident Evil fan.
Now that is something very cool, i do miss a gaming session to myself however with a son addicted to Fortnite I don’t get much of a chance to get near the PlayStation.
7. Do you have a favourite go to author whose books you enjoy reading ? 
I did used to. Dean Koontz. However, I found the quality of his books getting less over the years. Also as my tastes have developed and evolved I’ve changed my reading habits a bit. I now look more for what the story might offer than the person who wrote it. I’m more than happy to take a chance on author’s I’ve never heard of, I go more for an enticing plot or premise.
I totally understand that, been awhile since I’ve read any Dean Koontz, and it’s the plot and blurb that entice me and I like yourself I have changed my reading habits and tastes.
8. Can you describe a typical writing day ? 
Unfortunately I don’t get whole days I can dedicate to writing but a typical session would involve reading the last chapter I wrote and editing that, and then carrying on the story from there. I find this really helps my continuity and prevents new bits of writing from feeling too disparate from what came before.
A very good idea, and these sessions sound like they are very productive.
9. Are you working on anything at present that you can tell us about? 
Yep, as I mentioned I’m currently writing book 3 in the DI Graves series. I also have an idea for the new Night Terrors horror anthology series from Panther, so depending on discussions with Panther, I may follow up with a book for that series. I don’t want to give any hints on that one though, it’s too soon 😉
Ohhh keeping us all in suspense will, and it really does sound all rather intriguing and I shall be keeping my eye out for any developments on this.
10. Lastly what do you like to do when your not writing ? 
Like I said, I really do love gaming so that’s often high on my hobbies list. I also love the cinema, I watch a lot of films thanks to Cineworld membership. I’m a fan of high quality TV (just finished season 7 of Orange is the New Black) and binge watch like everyone seems to these days, and of course I read! I’ve just started the new CJ Tudor book so hoping that’s a goodun.

Oh I do love CJ Tudor’s books, real page turners.

I have yet to watch season 7 and I don’t understand how I have let that happen

I will tell you that you will need tissues for season 7 it’s a tear jerker

Thank you for the heads up Will, no one likes the crying look so I will have my tissues at hand.

Will, it has been an absolute pleasure having you pop in to answer some questions, and I have loved our little chat. If you are interested in reading From Inside The House it’s on sale now.

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