Nothing Important Happened Today : Will Carver

Today it’s my turn on the blog tour for Will Carver’s Nothing Important Happened Today, My many thanks to Anne Cater for having me on the blogtour and sorting me out with a copy. When I seen the email ping through I didn’t even hesitate I love Will’s writing style even though it leaves me with a headache when it comes to writing the review because I never have any words left to write them.

Now while I’m over here trying to find those said words I’ll leave you all with the blurb and I may be back.


Nine people arrive one night on Chelsea Bridge. They’ve never met. But, at the same time, they leap to their deaths. Each of them received a letter in the post that morning, a pre-written suicide note, and a page containing only four words: Nothing important happened today.
That is how they knew they had been chosen to become a part of The People of Choice: a mysterious suicide cult whose members have no knowledge of one another.
Thirty-two people on a train witness the event. Two of them will be next. By the morning, People of Choice are appearing around the globe. It becomes a movement. A social-media page that has lain dormant for four years suddenly has thousands of followers.
The police are under pressure to find a link between the cult members, to locate a leader who does not seem to exist

A Shocking, mesmerizingly, original and pitch black thriller, Nothing Important Happened Today confirms Will Carver as one of the most extraordinary, exciting authors in crime. 

Okay I decided to return after the blurb not that I really have much more to say. Although after seeing Will’s tweet did you know Nothing Important Happened Today are four words, one sentence that appears in each book Will has written? Now while you mull that over, I shall be here still trying to take in what I just read telling goodreads where to go after emailing me straight away to say now you have read NIHT what’s next? I have managed to come up with my own four words : What the actual F**k!!!! Now apart from Mind blowing, OMG , crazy and Phenomenal that’s all I could pretty much come up with even hours later, Okay actually days later as its review day and I have still just been staring into space into the early hours this morning trying to come up with the words to do this any justice at all. I blame Will to be fair its his totally unique writing style that always has me at a loss for words. I mean Good Samaritans is still etched in my mind and I still cant look at bleach without thinking about it. Its not a bad thing though, far from it and it leaves me with that buzz when ever I see he has something new coming out. Nothing could have mentally prepared me though for NIHT, not even all the buzz and hype on twitter.  So when I did sit down and get myself all comfy to get in a few chapters, a quick half hour to get it started I was still sitting Kindle in hand and a cold cup of coffee.  Its unlike anything I have picked up and read, its unusual, shocking to the core and dark oh so dark. Bit like my coffee to be fair that’s as dark as my soul. 

Now what can I tell you about NIHT? well not a lot to be fair apart from what you have read from the blurb. Why? Because I want you to go into this read not knowing very much so you can enjoy it for yourself and get into Will’s unique, dark writing style and get to grips with the book.

Nine strangers arrive on Chelsea Bridge with a bag, each bag contains a piece of rope. All nine pull on black jumpers without speaking to each other, they don’t need to communicate, they all know why they are there and what they will do. Placing the ropes round their necks and the train in sight they jump to their deaths. On the train thirty-two people are witnesses. Two of those thirty-two will be next. How do they know what to do? They all receive a letter, a letter that means they will die next. Is it a cult? Someone who doesn’t want to get their hands dirty? Its all just mind blowing friggin crazy. Will gives us facts, he talks about serial killers, social media, suicide. Its all quite hard hitting and shocking to the core at times. We don’t even meet a detective until a good way in to the story. Not an easy read at times, its dark and can be uncomfortable but its what makes it such a good read. I thought long and hard about the way we use social media and what we see on it after I finished this. Social Media does have its benefits, the book loving community for one but it had its pitfalls and can be destructive. The Insta feeds full of the perfect family life, but its one image they want you to see not what always goes on behind close doors. Images that have every filter available over them so they look the best they possibly can but what you don’t see is the twenty odd images sent to the bin because they didn’t look good enough.

As you can tell I am still trying to stumble through and find the right words. Will Carver is the king of dark, mind blown, crazy books.

Nothing Important Today is a dark, phenomenal, shocking, mind blowing and gobsmacking read. One which has left me sitting in a dark room still mulling over what I have just read.

After meeting Will during the Orenda roadshow, and I can tell you he was so lovley and even chatted to J about books and school and had his photo taken. What I would love to know is what goes on in the guys mind he can come up with outstanding reads like this. Karen I thank you for letting him write all his crazy, shockingly dark reads.



3 thoughts on “Nothing Important Happened Today : Will Carver

  1. Lol I know exactly how you feel writing this review! I’ve just finished this and my brain has blown right out my head by the sheer geniusness (that’s not a word, but oh well! 😆) of this story. My review will follow too, once I can actually string some words together that are coherent 😆


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