Stay Mad, Sweetheart : Heleen Kist

Hello you lovely lot, I am back with another epic Red dog book, yes I may actually be their #1 fan, no okay well I can dream I am. Thank you to Red dog for a copy of the book and agreeing to have me on another epic blog tour. Today I get to talk to you about Heleen Kist’s Stay Mad , Sweetheart.

I had the privilege of reading this a few months back as a BETA reader and it blew my socks off.

So before I tell you all about why it should be the book everyone’s talking about, I’ll let you read the blurb


Data Scientist Laura prefers the company of her books to the real world – let alone that cesspit online. But when her best friend Emily becomes the victim of horrific cyber bullying, she makes it her all engulfing mission to track down the worst culprits.

Petite corporate financier Suki is about to outshine the stupid boy’s at her firm : She’s leading the acquisition of Edinburgh’s most exciting start-up. If only she could get it’s brilliant , but distracted co-founder Laura to engage.

Event planner Claire is left to salvage the start- up’s annual conference after her colleague Emily fails to return to work. She’s determined to get a promotion out if it, but her boss isn’t playing ball.

As the woman’s paths intertwine, the insidious discrimination they each face comes to light. Emboldened by Emily’s tragic experience, they join forces to plot the downfall of all those who’ve wronged them.

But with emotions running high, will the punishments fit the crimes ?

A pact suspense fiction novel with its feet firmly in the #MeToo era.

Wow some blurb, Stay Mad, sweetheart is just an incredible read. Heleen’s descriptions of Edinburgh streets was just spot on, and the fact I can go oh I know where that is.

How can you write a review that will do this book any Justice ? Twice now I have been lost for words reading this book.

I love Laura are little bookworm, and I related to her on so many levels, although she is quite a sheltered character, I loved the chapters with her and Suki together, the pair are total opposites but together quite comical at times. Suki is a determined head strong kinda of character, she is without a shadow of a doubt feisty and not afraid of her sexuality either . Heleen really brings the characters to life and makes them Real people in your mind.

Now even though she wasn’t in it for very long, Emily broke my heart. What that poor woman went through and all at the hands of trolls and cyber bullying.

Stay Mad, Sweetheart is one hell of an eye-opener for both sexes and I believe both sexes should read it. Actually o think everyone should read it but there you go!

Heleen has opened her eyes to the various sexiest situations that can happen in the work place, some things you might not have even noticed. It’s done in a very beautifully written way, it’s not all politics and a heavy read but it really does get the message across. I was rooting for Laura, Suki and Claire all the way through. Heleen has really bring discrimination to the forefront of everyone’s minds regardless of age, sexuality, sex …. you get the picture and this is why everyone needs to read this book. It is deliciously amazing.

It gave the characters in her book these voices to stand up for what’s right and I think it’s bloody brilliant!

You can get your hands on a copy directly from Red Dog Publishing tomorrow or if you wish then you can buy from amazon

I love to go directly to Red dog as they come beautifully packaged and it’s like a present coming through the door.

Stay Mad, Sweetheart is a book I have no other words for it’s epic and is the book everyone will be talking about well into 2020 and it’s going into my top reads of the year.

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3 thoughts on “Stay Mad, Sweetheart : Heleen Kist

  1. Thanks a lot Sarah. Delighted the characters felt real to you.
    Maybe I need a sequel with Suki canned Stay MAX, Sweetheart — a perfect typo on the review!


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