Act of Revenge : John Bishop MD

Today I am also on the blog tour for Act of Revenge by John Bishop MD. My many thanks to Anna over at FDB associates for getting in touch about this one, for having me on the blog tour and sorting me out a copy.

Plastic Surgeon Lou Edward’s life is complicated by two major issues. One, his wife had lupus, possibly due to leaking silicone from Breast Implants Edwards himself inserted. And two, his malpractice insurance has been cancelled, as it has been for many other plastic surgeons, due to the burgeoning breast implant problem.

But it gets worse. Shortly after Edward’s threatens am insurance company president on national TV, the president is found murdered in his penthouse.

Dr. Jim Bob Brady once again finds himself doing a bit of investigating, this time on behalf of a colleague. But how well does he know this colleague? Is the investigation worth the threat to Jim Bob’s own life? Will he discover that it was a burglary gone bad? A lover’s quarrel? Or is this an act of revenge?

A medical thriller is not something I come across often and so I jumped at the chance to read this one to mix things up a bit. Act of Revenge is the 3rd book in the Series and I will be looking out for the other books in the series now. Don’t worry if you haven’t read them either as you can read this as a standalone.

Dr. Jim Bob Brady is a character who you just can’t help but love and take into your heart. You know if he was looking after you then you would be well taken care of. Now the book is set back in the 90s during the height of the silicone breast implant discoveries. Now I could slightly recall it all happening but I did have to so some Google work to find out more.

Act of Revenge wasn’t my usual thriller type of read but it really did make for a refreshing change. Lou Edward’s really isn’t a happy man at all. His wife has been diagnosed with lupus and it could all be done to him, and then of course his malpractice insurance has been cancelled. The two factors combined really don’t help his mood, and he unleashes his anger on national TV towards Paul Thompson, a insurance company president. When Paul is found dead in his Penthouse and all eyes point at Edwards, its time for Dr. Jim Bob Brady to step in and investigate on behalf of his friend Edwards.

An Addictive read that made for a refreshing change and now I need to read more Purely so I can have more Dr. Jim Bob Brady in my life.

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