Careless Whisper : T.S Hunter

How frigging beautiful is that book 😍 so so pretty. It’s the start of the blog tour today and my huge thank you to Dylan at Red Dog Press for having me on the tour and not only that letting me kick it off. I am in Red Dog Heaven today. The Tuesday of dreams. Now as you all know I am a huge fan of this series and I was over the moon to be asked to take part in the blog tour again , I must be doing something right with all my excited ramblings about these books.

Now I will show you all the blurb and then let you know what I thought.



It’s 1986, and Adam Cave, lead singer of the pop sensation Loose Lips, is struggling to stay in the closet, especially as his group is going through a messy split, and media speculation about the reasons behind it are high.

Joe Stone is assigned to Adam as a runner for the behind-the-scenes, warts and all expose of the recording of the bands last album, and an unlikely friendship begins to form.

But when Adam’s manager, Jack Eddy, is found dead in Adam’s hotel room, in what looks like a sex game gone wrong, Joe turns to his flatmate, Russell, to help him clear the pop star’s name, and keep his secret.

Russell, meanwhile, has a secret of his own. He’s just been for a test, the results of which may change his life forever.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be back catching up with My favourite dynamic duo Russell and Joe. My addiction to this series grows and grows with each book that I get withdrawal symptoms between each book.

Now Careless Whisper kicks off in 1986 and that was an epic year when a queen was born(Me). Joe is looking after Adam Cave lead singer of biggest band of the year Loose Lips. Alongside Adam in the band we have twins Liam and Luke Milliard, really they are more like the backing vocals though as Adam is the main talent. Joe’s boss PJ is the director for this warts and all documentary and wants everything to run smoothly however with a death thrown into the mix everything runs far from smooth as the tension mounts.

I loved the friendship that starting emerging between Adam and Joe. Joe seen last the whole star tantrums and seen Adam for the who he really is. Adam is a man in turmoil who tries to hide behind the his stage persona as it where. I don’t really want to say much more than that but if you do read it you will see what I mean, he is a character I took to heart and really felt for.

Now as there is a suspicious death we see the return of the man I hate Skinner, and as per usual he is making a right pigs ear if things and trying to get his five minutes of fame. He hasn’t changed in the slightest and still thinks a little beating is acceptable. Alongside the Twat that is Skinner we meet another one, Hugh Brice journalist for a magazine that I had long forgotten about Smash hits. Toby ( T.S Hunter ) always takes me on a trip down memory lane with his attention to detail. I mean I now even have a Soho Noir playlist with each song he mentions. All weekend I had one particular song stuck in my head and well work didn’t appreciate me getting it stuck in their heads yesterday and I even heard someone humming it as I left yesterday. The pleasure was all mine really and if I tell you all it was Manic Monday then I’m sure you will be singing it all week too.

It’s just another manic Monday . I wish it was Sunday ‘ Cause that’s my fun day

Right sorry it got stuck in my head again, where was I oh yeah Careless Whisper. We get to head back to the Red Lion Pub with my favourite landlord as it’s unofficially Joe and Russell’s office. I need to find a lovely pub I could work from. Anyway the ever lovely Patti is back and showing Miss Terri the ropes and perfecting her routine for an upcoming show. I am over here just wishing I could actually sit in the Red Lion with Russell and Joe, couple of pints and watch the Drag Queen Shows together. Right sorry getting lost in my thoughts again and it’s time to be serious . Toby the hugely talented man that he is has written with such compassion and understanding about HIV, we are given a real feel of what happens in these clinics and the turmoil waiting on results, getting results and the impacts it can have on your life. However I love that he doesn’t beat around the bush and we are not given pointless information or have it dragged on and on, it’s there in the background with just the right amount of detail but it hits the nail on the head. I really wish I could explain it better to you guys but Toby just writes about it the right way and in a sensitive manner.

As with the previous two books, Toby’s writing is on top form, compelling characters, snappy well rounded chapters that gives you a real feel of what each character is like and a real sense of what’s happening almost as if we were there ourselves.

As with Tainted Love and Who’s that Girl, I got myself all comfortable before diving in and read Careless Whisper from start to finish in one sitting. Told you they are like Pringles once you pop it open you don’t stop till there done. I even have my Soho Noir badges to match each book, yip i am that obsessed and I have asked about bookmarks to match each.

Now we are three books into the series but I have faith and I’m calling it now because I can’t pick between the three, I love them all for different reasons and so T.S Hunter’s Soho Noir series is going into My top Ten books of the year. Each book just gets better and better and Careless Whisper blew me away.

Now if you are thinking I would love to give Careless Whisper a read but I haven’t read the previous two yet, don’t worry it can be read as a stand-alone. All three though make the perfect afternoon reading, and I have read all three together back to back in one sitting.

My thanks again to Dylan for having me on the blog tour and sorting me out my copy, please check out the other amazing bloggers taking part in the blog tour. ( Dylan I’m available for the rest of the series 🤣😘 well a girls got to push her luck and I’ve really pushed mine this week )

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