The Death and Life of Penny Pitstop : Leopold Borstinski


Well Hello you lovely lot, today I get to bring you Leopold Borstinski’s The Life and Death of Penny Pitstop. My huge many thanks to the woman who first introduced me to this author awhile the lovely Emma at Damppebbles blog tours for inviting me to take part. I blame Emma for this new love affair I have for Borstinski’s books. I took a leap of faith awhile back with Mama’s Gone which was part of The Lagotti Family series and I loved and have since when on to read many more of his books, that when I seen the lovely email and Borstinski’s name I was right there.

Sorry I am rambling a bit and I totally blame the double shot expresso and the fact I am frantically typing away as my last three blog posts haven’t loaded and are no longer in my drafts, anyway that aside as that is not why you guys are here let me show you the blurb and get started before I bore you all.


Making a killer in the city can be murder at home. 

After sharp-witted trader Ray is told by his sexy corporate lawyer wife Penny to stop insider trading, he knows that something must change. When he discovers she’s been having an affair on her business trips, the tables are turned and he has to choose between keeping the millions he’s fraudulently made or keeping the woman he loves. How will he decide? 

The life and death of Penny Pitstop is a stand-alone steamy modern thriller set in London’s world of high finance. This hot crime drama is based on the Scintillating experience of Leopold Borstinski’s life working in the city. 

Are you intrigued yet? Okay well I was intrigued, let me see if I can intrigue you some more.

So Borstinski done it again and gripped my attention from the get go. We kick off with the death of Poor Penny and then we are taken on a trip down memory lane and get to read all about Penny and Ray’s life from about 1999 until the present day. Penny and Ray were all loved up and enjoyed each others company when they lived in separate houses but once they moved into together that balance started to change a little. When you live with someone for the first time little things can really niggle away at you at first and it can gradually lead to bigger things. You never really know someone until you live with them , right?

Penny and Ray are a high powered couple with money in the bank to play hard with too, to feel any sympathy for them was difficult. They are not a very likable couple as human beings. They value things differently from you and me and lets just say their morals are quite questionable at times. That being said it actually makes them quite complex and interesting characters as they do try to justify their actions at times. Borstinki’s writing style really shines through. His knowledge of the Financial sector really shone through even if it did leave me a bit confused at times, that’s more to do with the fact its a subject in which I have no understanding of.

Penny is a bit of a complex character who is quite vain and needed to know things were serious before she kind of commits herself, she always seemed to be on edge and unsettled. I don’t think there is anything Penny wouldn’t do to get ahead. Where as Ray was devoted to Penny and worked hard to provide for her, she seemed to make it difficult for him.

Borstinki has a way of words with the good old sex scenes, something I have came across in his previous books but he really stepped up his game with The Life and Death of Penny Pitstop. We do stumble across a load of sex scenes and other adult themes throughout, it adds to the feel of the story and is done in a very tasteful manner. We have Ray and Penny’s points of view on each situation including their sex life and it was actually refreshing to see what they both thought.

I really enjoyed the book and makes for a different time of crime book to what I usually read and that’s what makes Borstinki’s books stand out and make them fun to read.

The life and Death of Penny Pitstop makes for interesting reading, a whole load of fun and a delivers a different look into life and relationships. For me Borstinki pulls it out the bag, yet again I dived in and totally lost track of time until the small hours. He draws me in and before I know what’s happening or day of the week it is, I have been spat out and the book is finished.

If you can check out the other bloggers on the tour who have worded a review better than my mind could. My brain went into overdrive faster than I could get my words out.



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